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Assambly missmatch on clean install.

  • Assambly missmatch on clean install.
  • I followed to the dot.

    Now if you look at: Errors when using differen versions of SF and F project assemblies it states. That if you are using a newer version than 7.5.5300.0 you had to make changes.

     I had the oposite problem. the web config had new version 7.5.5310.0 after installation and I had to change it back. See images.


  • Hello Markus, 

    This issue is caused because Feather depends on Sitefinity.Core nugget package. Currently we are downloading the latest available version of this package.

    In order to resolve this issue I can suggest you try the following:

    1)Remove binding redirects from web.config

    2)Change the version of Sitefinity.Core dependency from package.config file to 7.2.5300.0 (this is placed inside SitefinityWebApp folder).

    3)Delete all files from SitefinityWebApp /packages folder

    4)Replace all dlls in SitefinityWebApp/bin folders with assemblies from _EmptyProject/bin

    5)Build SitefinityWebApp

    Aside from this, please have in mind that we will discuss internally ways to improve the getting started process of Feather project, so we will try to fix this in future.

    Elena Ganeva
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