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  • Whats the procedure for creating a new Layout\Theme such that grabbing the lastest feather NuGet doesn't blow all the work away and overwrite the templates

     Also how do we remove Foundation\Semantec as templates in the backend, Delete brings them back, is it enumerating the packages?

  • Hi Steve,

    The best way is to create your own package, which won't be overwritten during upgrade. You can find some general information here:


  • Hi,

    Layout files from all packages under ResourcePackages are registered as templates by watching the file system. So you need to delete both from the file system and backend.

    I hope this helps.


  • It would be GREAT if there was a way to stop this from happening.  Like I feel it's a futile make work project.  I update feather, the packages always get redownloaded and readded to the page templates.  I wish I could perma delete or at least disable them from showing up.
  • Yep, this has already been identified - not everyone needs all packages. In the near future we will provide a way to download packages separately.
  • I really appreciate your prompt response!
  • What about the answer to his second question?
  • Any update on this? I still get a lot of templates coming back everytime I have to rebuild the project.
  • This stuff seems to change in every version without much fanfare (or doc).

    The latest only has bootstrap and it appears the Foundation and Semantec packages are now separate (Nuget) packages.

  • The best way to track the changes introduced in Feather is to follow the detailed release notes on GitHub. The removal of Semantic and Foundation was done in Feather 1.4.410.0

    I have also announced the change in a topic in the Google+ Developer community, will keep in mind to do this also in this forum.

    Please share your comments and let me know whether the way we have removed Foundation and Semantic creates any troubles for you.

  • I'm trying to see if someone can delete or edit a post if they are the author of that post or comment.