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  • I'm trying to implement a basic feather widget by following the feather examples. However I found this doco to be very incomplete and inconsistent not only to the other docs but the examples. For example in the docs you talk about create designer angular controller in certain way then in your code samples they are not the designed the same way.

    Anyways to my point. I'm been having trouble getting a content selector working in my widget designer. I've followed the examples to the letter and still have no luck. All I get is a blank widget designer with no selector or the designer widget that flashes on the screen then disappears. Can anyone provide a simple feather widget that uses a single content selector.

     I've followed the various guides here.




  • Damein,


    Came across your post and agree with all points you made. I'm trying to find a working example with too much bloat, something simple to get started as I've already spent hours going through documentation. I'm assuming by now you got it working? Could you the Sitefinity team PLEASE provide a working sample that runs on 10.x? Something simple. In otherwords, just the code that is absolutely need for an MVC widget and MVC designer. A good example would be a simple image selector.