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  • Hi guys,

    A couple of things about the bootstrap template in feather.

    The default layout file seems to be okay (I'm just getting used to sitefinity required markup and was thrown off by things like sfPublicWrapper and such) and clean. All user content would go into the Html.SfPlaceHolder("Contentplaceholder1") which is fine but I'm wondering how you would populate (from the Sitefinity backend) the Html.Section("top") and Html.Section("bottom")?

    It would make sense that you would put navigation in the top section and a footer in the bottom, but once you use the layout you can only add content to the placeholder so it seems the @Html.Section directives are ignored. There's also a @Html.Section("head") which would be great for custom CSS styles on the bootstrap template, but again I see no way in the web UI to change this or even a way to expose it for a designer to use it (like the default sitefinity CSS widget).

    Finally I'm wondering about modifications to the bootstrap ResourcePackage. There are a few gaps with regards to bootstrap (not all components are here, some layouts/grid elements are missing, etc.). Is it better to create a new ResourcePackage (using Bootstrap as a starting point) and modify that in order to survive an upgrade of feather?


  • Hi Bil,

    Please see the following article for details how to register scripts and styles in sections:

    About customizing Bootstrap - making your own custom package is the best approach. Your feedback and suggestions for improving the default packages would be most welcome.