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Kendo UI Grid Integration With Widget Designers

  • Kendo UI Grid Integration With Widget Designers
  • I'm super familiar with using kendo ui with angular, but your designers doesn't seem to work with the kendo grid directives at all. Here's a sample that doesn't work:


    <div kendo-grid
         k-on-change="selected = data"></div>


    and here's the angular module, designerview-mygrid.js :

    (function ($)
        //var designerModule = angular.module('designer', ['kendo.directives']);
        var designerModule = angular.module('designer');
        //This is basic controller for the "ManageItems" designer view.
        designerModule.controller('MyGridCtrl', ['$scope', 'propertyService', function ($scope, propertyService)
            $ = true;
            $scope.gridData = new[
               artist: "Pink Floyd", track: "The dark side of the Moon" ,
               artist: "The Beatles", track: "I've just seen a face" ,
               artist: "Queen", track: "Innuendo"
            $scope.gridColumns = [
               field: "artist", title: "Artist" ,
               field: "track", title: "Track"
            //Makes call to the controlPropertyService to get the properties for the widgets.
                .then(function (data)
                    if (data)
                        $ = propertyService.toAssociativeArray(data.Items);
                function (data)
                    $ = true;
                    if (data)
                        $ = data.Detail;
                .finally(function ()
                    $ = false;

  • Basically you'll need to push the kendo.directives into the module: 
    var customModule = angular.module("customModule", ["kendo.directives"]);




    var designerModule = angular.module('designer');