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ResourcePackage layout and Page Template naming

  • ResourcePackage layout and Page Template naming
  • The documentation for feather here states:

      For example, Bootstrap package has the default.cstml created by default, which creates the Bootstrap.default page template in Sitefinity.

    However, this doesn't appear to be the case. After installing Feather, I see three new page templates in the list, but they are all named "default" only, with no name of the package present. 

    On a related note, I renamed the bootstrap layout to "test" and as expected a new layout was created, but it was also just named "test", not "Bootstrap.test" as I expected.

    However, looking at the properties of the templates, it does appear that the DEVELOPER name has the appropriate naming, just not  the TITLE. Is this a bug?

    Finally, I also noticed that the previous "default" template, when the backing file was deleted, reverted back to an ASPNET Webforms template (with a runat=server tag). Is this the expected behavior (I would have expected just an exception)?

    If it is expected behavior, I noticed that the toolbox still only shows the MVC widgets, even though the template now appears to be a webforms version. curious what's happening here...

  • The developer name tells the template which resource package to load in that format <PackageName>.<cshtmlfilename>

    I also find the multiple "default" templates annoying.  I have brought it up, they said the solution (on their end) is to add a new column to the grid.

    I THINK though if you're in the Page Template *picker* properly seperates\groups them under their resource headers.