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Dynamic product pages with Dynamic Urls

  • Dynamic product pages with Dynamic Urls
  • I'm attempting to build a product section on our site using MVC and I'm wondering how to achieve this in Sitefinity.

    The possible routes I am hoping to use are:





    I have already created a hierarchy of pages that match the routes up to the 'product-family' level, these will be static content managed pages. I now need to add the final 'product details' page but just wondering how I achieve this?

    Do I have to create a page under each 'product-family' page that then has a widget on it that can dynamically determine which product to show in that family?

    Or can I create some kind of handler that can create a dynamic page and based on the route, render the appropriate product detail?


    Or am I approaching this problem wrong, if so can you point me in the right direction?