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Calendar View for MVC Events Widget

  • Calendar View for MVC Events Widget
  • I want to display my events in a calendar view similar to the web form events widget, however I do not see any option to do so.  I searched online but could not find any information on it.

    Please let me know if the calendar view feature is available in MVC Events widget , or is it still under development. If the latter is the case, then is there any other way I can add a calendar to my page.

  • Hi Ridhi,

    Indeed, the calendar view was not shipped together with the Events widget in the latest release. However, we have published a sample how to add it yourself that is available on github:

    We are also planning to make it an officially supported part of the product in the near future.

    I hope this helps, please let me know if you need further information.



  • Thanks  for the update Mariush.  Any idea by when it will be available  in a Sitefinity official release version?
  • We too would like to know when this will be built into the product.  This is an essential feature for our build out.