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MVC Html editor for custom designer

  • MVC Html editor for custom designer
  • Hi,

    I have a custom designer for my widget and I need to use an html editor for a specific field. I tried to use something like this without luck 

    <sf-html-field sf-model="properties.MyHtmlField.PropertyValue" sf-template-url="/ResourcePackages/Bootstrap/client-components/fields/html-field/sf-html-field.sf-cshtml"></sf-html-field>

    And nothing gets rendered.

    I also have an image selector which works fine, but I can't make the html or rich text editor work. 

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Ale.

    In widget designer view you need to use this

    <sf-html-field sf-model="properties.MyHtmlField.PropertyValue"></sf-html-field>

    And in json file you need to add this component

    "components" : ["sf-html-field"]


    For deep understanding and better examples, you can check source code of built-in MVC widgets here:

  • It works, thanks Victor!