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Creating a theme for existing bootstrap page template

  • Creating a theme for existing bootstrap page template
  • All the pages in my pure MVC website have Bootstrap's (3 column, footer, header) page template.  When I go to Design --> Page Template  and select this Bootstrap template, the top right corner has a button called "Themes".  When I click that I see a dropdown which allow me to select a theme. Currently, there is only Basic theme option in the dropdown and I want to use a custom  theme for this template which will be selectable from this dropdown. 

    I am totally stuck as to how to go about to create a custom theme for an existing template. 

    Request you to kindly provide me some instructions as to how to start.


  • The "Themes" is for the forms based templates. In the MVC world, the themes are the resource packages. We had a situation in which we wanted to essentially theme out a multi-site and have slightly different colors but keep the same core framework and structure. We put in a ticket and SF didn't have a way to do this. We tried to use ASP MVC shared layout files, but this caused errors within SF. We mentioned this to them in our ticket and we basically got a response of "We didn't take this scenario into account." So what we ended up doing was creating our base template using our resource package/layout file, and then creating another page template based on this base template and added a separate css file that was specific for a child site. This specific css file changed out background colors and font colors, etc to make a separate theme. This way our layout will always use the same cshtml files so if we needed to change something across the board we could.

    You can create your own Package using the core bootstrap and change everything you need.If you go that route, then you will want to create the Bootstrap folder and then the GridSystem and Templates folders. Then place your files in there. We moved away from using the default package names as everytime the site reloaded or a new upgrade was applied, all of the default page templates were loaded back up. We just created our own package folder based on Foundation, or Bootstrap, and labeled it something specific to the site. Then you can control everything on your own.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your response. 

    Is there any way where I can add a new layout file for the existing bootstrap 3 equal columns ,header, footer page template?

    I only see a default.cshtml layout file in resource package folder ~/MVC/Views/Layouts/default.cshtml  for the bootstrap default page template.

  • Or  any idea where I can find the layout files for the other bootstrap page templates?