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checkbox and radio not showing in designer

  • checkbox and radio not showing in designer
  • This seems to be a styling issue but I do not know where to start ..... in the case of a widget designer an input radio button or check box do not show ... even though the HTML for them is rendered




     <label for="nameInput">Display Which Benefits</label>
        <div class="row">

            <div class="radio form-inline">
                <label for="currentlyOpenLibrary">
                    <input id="instantBenefitType" type="radio" ng-model="properties.InstantBenefitsType.PropertyValue" value="systemwide" />
                    System Wide

                <br />
                <label for="currentlyOpenLibrary">
                    <input id="instantBenefitType" type="radio" ng-model="properties.InstantBenefitsType.PropertyValue" value="fasttrack" />
                    Fast Track

  • Hi. It is probably styling issue.  If you want to keep the same styles, as built-in widget designers in sitefinity. I can suggest you to check source code of this widgets designers. Example with radiobuttons you can find here: