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Custom search index in sitefinity 4.2?

  • Custom search index in sitefinity 4.2?
  • How do i create a custom search index in sitefinity 4.2?

    I have read but how do i get this to work with version 4.2?
  • anyone who can  point me in the right direction?
  • Hi Tomas,

    As far as I know the search functionality was completely redesigned in Sitefintiy 4.2. Unfortunately, I could not find any examples in the SDK. There are only two blog posts Registering custom pipes in Sitefinity and Publishing system brief walkthrough
    I've tried to implement examples described in those posts but could not make them work as expected.

    I hope those blog posts help you to start.

  • Hi Anton, 

    Thanks for the answer.

    I've read those articles and i dont understand how to put things together. Hopefully it will come some other example that will explain it better. But in the meantime, I try my way and hopefully get it to work. :)

  • Were you able to get it to work?
  • Hi Tomas - did you have any luck with this - I am in the same position and need to urgently create a search index on a custom db table. If you did find a solution, any help you could provide would be great. Thanks