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  • Duplicate Page Group
  • In Sitefinity 3.x I added a custom control to duplicate pages groups. In Sitefinity 4.4 this functionality is still not available by default. How can I add an Item to the page group context menu on the page list screen so that I can write this functionality again?
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  • Are there any examples on adding items to the context menus on the Page List in the admin?
  • Hello,
    we are in need of the same function ( duplicate page groups ) , did anyone find a solution or has some sample code to manage duplication , also not adding in the admin?
    Thank you very much !!!
  • Not sure if this is what you need but this is what i wrote up to duplicate page groups and the structure of pages beneath them, given a selected pagenode.  maybe it will help.  there is nothing existing in SF to do it, that i know of.

    you just have to call CopyPageGroup() with the right values and it does the rest. checks for duplicate titles and urlnames.

    public PageNode CopyPageGroup(Guid NodeToCopyFrom, string NewRoot_Title, string NewRoot_HTMLTitle, string NewRoot_Description)
        PageManager manager = PageManager.GetManager();
        PageNode newNode = null;
        //get main root node
        Guid parentPageNodeId = SiteInitializer.FrontendRootNodeId;
        PageNode rootNode = manager.GetPageNode(parentPageNodeId);
        if (rootNode != null)
            //build list of all child nodes to be duplicated
            List<PageNode> existingNodeList = new List<PageNode>();
            _FindChildNodes(rootNode, existingNodeList);
            int nameCounter = 1;
            string tempName = "";
            //make sure the new base page node doesnt already exist
            if (_CheckForExistingPage(NewRoot_Title, rootNode.Nodes.ToList()) != null)
                tempName = NewRoot_Title + "_" + nameCounter;
                while (_CheckForExistingPage(tempName, rootNode.Nodes.ToList()) != null)
                    tempName = NewRoot_Title + "_" + nameCounter;
            if(tempName == "")
                newNode = _DuplicatePageHierarchy(NodeToCopyFrom, NewRoot_Title, NewRoot_HTMLTitle, NewRoot_Description, existingNodeList, rootNode);
                newNode = _DuplicatePageHierarchy(NodeToCopyFrom, tempName, NewRoot_HTMLTitle, NewRoot_Description, existingNodeList, rootNode);
        return newNode;
    private PageNode _CheckForExistingPage(string NewRoot_Title, List<PageNode> PageNodes)
        //check if partner page already exists
        PageNode pageNode = null;
        foreach (PageNode pn in PageNodes)
            if (pn.Title.ToLower() == NewRoot_Title.ToLower())
                pageNode = pn;
        return pageNode;
    private void _FindChildNodes(PageNode checkNode, List<PageNode> nodeList)
        foreach (PageNode pn in checkNode.Nodes)
            if (pn.NodeType == NodeType.Group || pn.Page != null)
            _FindChildNodes(pn, nodeList);
     private PageNode _DuplicatePageHierarchy(Guid NodeToCopyFrom, string NewRoot_Title, string NewRoot_HTMLTitle, string NewRoot_Description, List<PageNode> existingNodeList, PageNode rootNode)
        if (NodeToCopyFrom == Guid.Empty || String.IsNullOrEmpty(NewRoot_Title))
            return null;
            PageManager manager = PageManager.GetManager();
            var pageDataId = Guid.NewGuid();
            PageNode selectedNode = _FindSelectedNode(NodeToCopyFrom, existingNodeList);
            PageData newPageData = null;
            PageNode newPageNode = null;
            if (selectedNode.NodeType != NodeType.Group)
                newPageData = manager.CreatePageData(pageDataId);               
                newPageData.Title = NewRoot_Title;
                    newPageData.HtmlTitle = NewRoot_Title;
                    newPageData.HtmlTitle = NewRoot_HTMLTitle;
                if (NewRoot_Description == null)
                    newPageData.Description = selectedNode.Description;
                    newPageData.Description = NewRoot_Description;
                newPageData.Template = selectedNode.Page.Template;
                newPageData.Culture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.ToString();
                newPageData.UiCulture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture.ToString();
            newPageNode = manager.CreatePage(rootNode, Guid.NewGuid(), selectedNode.NodeType);
            newPageNode.Page = newPageData;
            newPageNode.Name = NewRoot_Title;
            newPageNode.Title = NewRoot_Title;
            if (NewRoot_Description == null)
                newPageNode.Description = selectedNode.Description;
                newPageNode.Description = NewRoot_Description;
            newPageNode.UrlName = Regex.Replace(NewRoot_Title.ToLower(), @"[^\w\-\!\$\'\(\)\=\@\d_]+", "-");
            newPageNode.ShowInNavigation = true;
            newPageNode.DateCreated = DateTime.UtcNow;
            newPageNode.LastModified = DateTime.UtcNow;
            //check for duplicate node urls
            if (PageManager.CheckNodeUrlForDuplicates(newPageNode))
                //duplicates found
                int counter = 1;
                while (PageManager.CheckNodeUrlForDuplicates(newPageNode))
                    newPageNode.UrlName = Regex.Replace((NewRoot_Title + "_" + counter).ToLower(), @"[^\w\-\!\$\'\(\)\=\@\d_]+", "-");
                // Publish
                if (newPageNode.NodeType == NodeType.Standard)
                    var bag = new Dictionary<string, string>();
                    bag.Add("ContentType", typeof(PageNode).FullName);
                    WorkflowManager.MessageWorkflow(newPageNode.Id, typeof(PageNode), null, "Publish", false, bag);
                _BuildChildNodes(newPageNode, selectedNode.Nodes.ToList());
            catch newPageNode = null;
            return newPageNode;
    private PageNode _FindSelectedNode(Guid NodeToCopyFrom, List<PageNode> existingNodeList)
        //find the selected node
        PageNode selectedNode = null;
        foreach (PageNode pn in existingNodeList)
            if (pn.Id == NodeToCopyFrom)
                selectedNode = pn;
        return selectedNode;
    private void _BuildChildNodes(PageNode rootNode, List<PageNode> existingNodeList)
        PageManager manager = PageManager.GetManager();
        foreach (PageNode pn in existingNodeList)
            PageData pageData = null;
            PageNode pageNode = null;
            if (pn.NodeType != NodeType.Group)
                pageData = manager.CreatePageData(rootNode.Id);
                pageData.HtmlTitle = pn.Title;
                pageData.Title = pn.Title;
                pageData.Description = pn.Description;
                pageData.Template = pn.Page.Template;
                pageData.Culture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.ToString();
                pageData.UiCulture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture.ToString();
            pageNode = manager.CreatePage(rootNode, Guid.NewGuid(), pn.NodeType);
            pageNode.Page = pageData;
            pageNode.Name = pn.Name;
            pageNode.Description = pn.Description;
            pageNode.Title = pn.Title;
            pageNode.UrlName = Regex.Replace(pn.Title.ToLower(), @"[^\w\-\!\$\'\(\)\=\@\d_]+", "-");
            pageNode.ShowInNavigation = true;
            pageNode.DateCreated = DateTime.UtcNow;
            pageNode.LastModified = DateTime.UtcNow;
            pageNode.InheritsPermissions = true;
            //check for duplicate node urls
            if (PageManager.CheckNodeUrlForDuplicates(pageNode))
                //duplicates found
                int counter = 1;
                while (PageManager.CheckNodeUrlForDuplicates(pageNode))
                    pageNode.UrlName = Regex.Replace((pn.Title + "_" + counter).ToLower(), @"[^\w\-\!\$\'\(\)\=\@\d_]+", "-");
                // Publish
                if (pageNode.NodeType == NodeType.Standard)
                    var bag = new Dictionary<string, string>();
                    bag.Add("ContentType", typeof(PageNode).FullName);
                    WorkflowManager.MessageWorkflow(pageNode.Id, typeof(PageNode), null, "Publish", false, bag);
                _BuildChildNodes(pageNode, pn.Nodes.ToList());

  • Thank you very much for your help , I will try it and let you know!!!