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There was no endpoint listening at

  • There was no endpoint listening at
  • Hi, 

    I have sitefinity setup on the our production server. Everything looks ok but I can't edit the pages. 

    I get " there was no endpoint listening at "www.pageurl:8090/.../PagesApprovalWorkflow.xamlx." 

    I looked at the following posting about this issue. 

    What's different about about my setup, is that I don't want the page to be public yet. That's why I am serving it on 8090 port. 

    I followed the step on the article and put http://www.pageurl:8090/  for the
     Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> System -> ServicePaths. 

    This didn't work. Anyone had something similar happen to them ? 

  • HI Erion,

    Did you manage to find solution for this? Its been a long time you posted it and you dint receive any answer. neither from members nor from the Telerik team.

    How sad :(

    Please if anyone can get this working or has a solution, it would be great. I am also facing similar issue.

    Siddesh Kapadi
  • Similarly, I am still plagued with this issue.  I'm running on IIS6.

    Is there any news on this??
  • damn, I forgot how I solved this, hmm, I think this had to do with adding some framework 4.0 int he extensions of iis6. 

    we need to add this to the wilcard in the application configuration of ur site 


    make sure you have the "verify that file exists" check box unchecked, otherwise you will get resource not found error on all ur pages.