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Custom Products List Layout

  • Custom Products List Layout
  • Hi, I'm trying sitefinity to see if it can be appropriate as a platform for our new website.
    I've been adding some content to it and playing around with pages and their templates.

    There is something I would like to customize but I'm not sure how to do it. Assume I've got a couple of products under the following "Departments" structure:

    ---Brand X
    ---Brand Y

    Where each product will have a respective brand, colour and price.
    After adding "Department" to the "Product List" widget template it shows me the thumbnail for the item and underneath it's name and categories.

    This is done using the "HierarchicalTaxonField" control but I've got two layout issues:
    1) categories show with a different order than what I would like. (sometimes price comes first, others the brand)
    2) How can I have a label for each category showing the parent category? (e.g. Colour:  Red)

    I've tried it with some custom code but it's not that clear either. Do you think that these Categories are not appropriate for what I'm trying to do and should perhaps use custom fields instead? I've also run into issues when using custom fields and categorizing would be useful.

    Thanks in advance!