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How to fetch module field values

  • How to fetch module field values
  • Hi,
    A module is created using module builder. There are 2 fields in it, say page name and url.
    Currently, I am querying the table corresponding to that module in the database to fetch the field values. Is there any way to fetch these values without querying the database.

  • If you go into the place where you created your module, there should be a Code Samples area which should give you the exact code for a bunch of scenarios.  It's very cool because it's generated based on the module definition, not just a generic you can just copy\paste the code and it'll work (awesomesauce)

  • I've found this Module Builder webinar and the solution that is below the webinar to be invaluable: 

    It goes through fetching tags, categories, text fields, choice lists, images, ect.
  • I m not able to access that 
    because of some security issues. Can you help me ? My question is the same as that of Surya CD. How to fetch all the field values without querying the database?
  • Hello,

    Each module created with Sitefinity Module Builder has a code reference. There, you can find working C# or VB.NET samples of creating/deleting/querying items for your module.
    Please try to access the video tutorial from  or download it from this link.

    If you keep having problems accessing any of the links above let us know to assist you further.

    Vassil Vassilev
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