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What do you spend most of your time doing these days with Sitefinity?

  • What do you spend most of your time doing these days with Sitefinity?
  • We all love free right?  Especially after already buying a license for the platform, We all love helping the generous make a few bucks on marketplace offerings under 50 bucks modules and controls, If someone comes up with something awesome under 250 bucks it is easy to justify to your accounting department. It would cost us ten times more to develop ourselves etc.

    Confession,  I spend most of my time these days with Sitefinity updating to the next version for my projects, second reintegrating free and low cost marketplace magic into my projects.  This is always exaggerated by wanting to incorporate anything cool the  SDK might offer.

     The goal each version of Sitefinity is to have a working compile of a generic project for the latest version upgraded with all the free and low cost marketplace offerings.  The secondary goal is always to get all of your themes working with the latest and greatest.  Third to get anything custom you have done working with this new project.  You then have the your base config.  Time to celebrate.

     Now you have a few active live deployments which you then want to migrate over to your now up to date project.  What a time suck.  Time you could have used learning, teaching, doing.

    The SDK is never updated with hot fixes, so a new release comes out, you get your generic project updated,  upgraded with all the latest modules and widgets, all live site content manually copied over.  Then a hot fix comes out a few days later and you have to start over. 

    Same thing happens with the open source hacker crap.  I know this but it doesn't keep it from being aggravating.

    I wish they would assign someone at Telerik with the Sitefinity project to put together a generic project with each upgrade with all of at least the free market place offerings installed and ready to go.

    I know sounds ungrateful but I have done this exactly this for every update since like 3.2 or so.
    Getting really really tired of it.  Trying to figure out how to deal with that.

    Question being,   Am I the only one getting tired of this?  Just wanting time to do your own work?
  • Trying to figure out how the bloody thing works!
  • trying to compile. Missing this dll or that and there will be no way to find which nuget package to install. Then try copying files from some place and hope it compiles, just to see it bomb run time. Sick of this. I just want dll to package map.


  • This is my first experience with SiteFinity, having worked for years with DNN and more recently Kentico.  SiteFinity is extremely poor by comparison.  It is VERY slow, the documentation is misleading and never seems to answer the question.  Support is useless!

    If it wasn't the fact that we have such a tight deadline and we're updating an existing site, I'd recommend we start again with DNN.

  • Fixing configs. Trying to customize the backend, scrounging forum answers to supplement bad documentation.  
  • Waiting while it's starting. It's so annoying