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Errors on published page while preview works fine

  • Errors on published page while preview works fine
  • I have embedded a link to a JavaScript plugin on my page. While it works fine on preview mode, plugin seizes to work after I publish the page and try to view it. What's even more weird, if I choose to embed the link to plugin before the closing body tag, it partially works - but not properly. (However, it should work when it's in <head>. )

    In every other environment except on published SiteFinity page my code works fine. What could be the issue here? Thank you so much if you can help me.
  • Hi Tuulikki,

    First I want to note that for our preview functionality we use custom logic, not the standard ASP.NET rendering engine. Therefore, you see that your code is correctly rendered, however due to the different browsers logic it is possible that there are differences in what the user actually sees in the browsers.

    Can you elaborate a bit more on what do you mean by " every other environment " and also provide us with some sample code that we can test your scenario locally and investigate further.

    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Victor,

    Thank you for your reply. I have detected that I have to place all jQuery plugins just before closing <body>-tag to make the code work in SiteFinity. When I build the page with Notepad++ and view it as a local file from my computer with different browsers, it works fine with all jquery links in <head>. Same with preview functionality. 

    So it works now, but I still find this weird :) . (I'm not very familiar with ASP.NET rendering engine (or ASP.NET in general) though). 
  • I am also getting the same problem as Tuulikki, but I am using JavaScript MVC widget. I am trying to use JQuery UI's datepicker, but it is working fine one preview but not working on published view/ published site.  
  • I have fixed my JQuery problem, the problem was with the version of the JQuery,  I was trying to use JQuery 1.11.4 but with the Sitefinity 8 there is JQuery 1.11.2, so when I was trying to use 1.11.4 in MVC JQuery Widget it was working fine in the preview but not in the published site.