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Duplicate Page Title Issue for Press Releases/News

  • Duplicate Page Title Issue for Press Releases/News
  • Can anyone steer me in the right direction of how to fix the duplicate title issues I'm receiving for my news & press release section. I need to have those page titles pull from the press release title, I know it can be done just need a little direction.

    I'm new to SF and currently working with SiteFinity V 5.2. Any help would be appreciated. 
  • Skyler,

    It could be hard coded to be appended in the masterpage but then again...maybe not. :/

    Got a link?
  • Tim, I've found a few posts that suggest that it in the module builder master template as a work around but nothing specific. One would think there would be an easy work-around for this, I just can't figure our where it would be. 

    LInk to our PR & News, creating 190+ duplicate title issues. 

  • Edit the widget, go to advanced, then there should be a property called something like PageTitleMode or something...set it to "Replace" or "Append"

    Is that what you mean?
  • Steve beat me to it :P

    I was just about to point you to this post regarding the issue.

    Let us know if that doesn't work
  • Worked like a charm. Thanks for the feedback!