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Looking for advice on developing with Sitefinity

  • Looking for advice on developing with Sitefinity
  • Hi -

     We are evaluating sitefinity as a replacment for sitecore (another .NET CMS).

     Can someone help me understand how it is best to develop with aitefinity and Visual Studio?

     I would like to be able to create widgets, themes and all other elements that are necessary for a site.

      With Sitecore you opened up the folder containing the website and started working from their.

    It appears with Thunder I can create a Visual Studio project for  themes.     Do I need a separate Visual Studio project for the code assets (widgets, controls, etc)?

      Is it a good idea to  open the folder containing the Sitefinity site in Visual Studio as a web site
    and start working from their?

      To me it makes sense to have one Visual Studio project where all your assets could be maintained.     By assets I mean themes, widgets, controls, etc.  

      I can't seem to find any good documentation on this discussion.

  • Sitefinity is a web application project, so to develop with it, you'd simply open the project file (csproj) which is created when you generate a new blank site. From there, widgets are simply User Controls (ascx) which can be developed inside the application directly.

    You can add them to a separate library if they are reusable components, but this is not required.

    For more information, take a look at the Documentation in the Getting Started guide for developers: www.sitefinity.com/.../development

    I hope this is helpful