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Hierarchical Dynamic Module selector

  • Hierarchical Dynamic Module selector
  • Hello

    I have created a hierarchical dynamic module ( Brands > Stories > Chapters ), but now I want to create a custom mvc widget where I can use dynamic content selector for stories. 
    So I create the property for the Guid and generate via Thunder a widget designer where I define the content selector and select Story as datatype. 

    This all works fine, but my issue is that when the selector opens it just shows a list of all the stories from all the brands. Problem is that now you can't see which story is from which brand.

    So I was wondering if there is a solution for this issue without creating a complete custom designer. 

  • Hi Valdo,

    I've not tested this, but maybe you could try to change the FlatSelector in the designers javascript file to a HierarchicalSelector? Maybe support can tell if that will work out of the box with changing some parameters. I think the constructor might be different.

    Kind regards,