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Carousel on Sitefinity home-page

  • Carousel on Sitefinity home-page
  • Owl-Carousel itself is easy enough to configure, but how is it implemented on this site?

    Did Telerik build a web/user control to allow maintenance of the content by admins?

    If so, any chance of sharing the code as an example?
  • I think I've already worked this out - but to answer my own question - my first-blush solution is to create a Custom Module to maintain the data, and then build a simple UserControl to fetch the data and render it as the required items of the Owl-Carousel.

    I've done this before for a testimonials rotator, so I guess there's no reason not to use the same approach for this.
  • Don't forget the when you create a custom module it create two widgets for you, single view and list view, i would modify those widget templates myself.
  • Greetings,


    Do you have your custom built user control/module available in GitHub, if not would you be able to share it. Also, will it allow admins/authors to change the pictures and text using the interface and they won't need to modify the HTML code manually.