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Content load failes for dynamic modules with hierarchical structure

  • Content load failes for dynamic modules with hierarchical structure
  • I have a question about how to get childs for
    a dynamic module.

    The code I have works, but sometimes the content.SystemChildItems
    returns null (for same object). Why is it only loaded sometimes?If I call the
    page 5-6 times, one of them will return null. It does not make sense. Can't I
    trust that the dynamicModuleManager.GetDataItem will load the objects or what
    am I doing wrong?

    Here are some code
    stringproviderName = string.Empty;
    DynamicModuleManager dynamicModuleManager =
    Type sliderType = TypeResolutionService.ResolveType("Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Slider.Slider");
    DynamicContent item = dynamicModuleManager.GetDataItem(sliderType,
    boolchildren = dynamicModuleManager.HasChildItems(item);
        foreach(DynamicContent content initem.SystemChildItems)
            // here the content.SystemChildItems is empty sometimes, but not always!
            foreach(DynamicContent layer incontent.SystemChildItems)

    I have tried to add this

    boolcontentChildren = dynamicModuleManager.HasChildItems(content);
        foreach(DynamicContent layer incontent.SystemChildItems)
            model.ErrorStep += 1;

    But then contentChilden is ALWAYS (??) false. I don't get it.

  • dynamicModuleManager.LoadChildItemsHierarchy(content);


    This did the trick I think

  • Hello Jan,

    Is this fix the issue you have?

    We highly appreciate shared solution with the community. Thank you for your involvement.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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  • Hi Team,

    I have the same issue. But it is not working even after applying your solution.

    I'm getting an exception while loading the function "LoadChildItemsHierarchy"

    Exception is :  "Cannot build a query with DynamicContent type. Actual childType is required."

    I'm passing the parent content item as parameter to the function "LoadChildItemsHierarchy".

    My code is :


    I have no idea why it is happening. Anyone has any idea regarding why this exception is fired?