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Custom URL rewriting

  • Custom URL rewriting
  • Dear All,

    I want to do URL rewriting with sitefinity.  I have a URL like

    and I want to make my url like

    please guide me how I can achive this.

     I need solution ASAP. I got stuck from last two days.


    One more question..... Is URL routing is possible when named physical file does not exists?




  • Hello Shivani,

    In order to achieve your desired scenario you can check the solution provided in the following documentation article.

    Using URL Rewrite for SEO

    As addition please take a look at the following forum threads where you can find some additional information.

    Sitefinity and URL Rewriting

    Sitefinity CMS URLs and IIS URL Rewriting

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  • Thanks for reply...

    But I did not find any good solution from your reply.  I applied the scenario of Using URL Rewrite for SEO. But its did not work for me.

  • I'm also looking for a solution. It seems like URL Rewrite rules are not being processed. Or at least not before SiteFinity does redirection on it's own. It would be nice to have URL Rewrite rules to act first, then hand things over to SiteFinity. Is there a way to do this?