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I am Back and Have Questions

  • I am Back and Have Questions
  • Greetings! It has been a while since I worked with a Sitefinity implementation. The last time I developed with the product it was on version 3.7. So, I have a couple of questions that I could use help with.

    1. It looks like I may need to roll a custom Module soon. This article and video appear to be a good starting point for a simple module (minus a few bells and whistles): http://www.sitefinity.com/blogs/teamblog/posts/team-blog/2011/06/30/sitefinity_intra-site_module_webinar_notes

    Is it still a vaild starting point if I am working with Sitefinity 7.x?

    2. Just like in this custom Module article/video, I will have the need to generate new DAL for new table objects in MS SQL DB. Can I proceed with using the ADO.NET Entity Framework as my ORM? That is what I am comfortable with using.

    Are there any cons or gotchas to worry about when using the Entity Framework model inside of a Sitefinity 7.x project?

    3. Finally, its good to be back! I will admit that I missed working with Sitefinity and I have always made good use of the Telerik products in my development career.  I really am trying to get caught up and back on track with this latest version of Sitefinity!

    Is there any good "What's New in 7.x" articles are posts that anyone would care to share with me?


    Thanks in advance for the knowledge sharing,

    Steven Land


  • Hi Steven,

    Maybe you can take a look to the Dynamic Module Builder as this would be a much faster approach to built custom modules.

    Unless you need total control over your database tables and other logic, this would be a better option.

    You can read about it here: http://docs.sitefinity.com/overview-dynamic-modules-and-the-module-builder

    Best regards,