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Image Heavy Site Design Guidance Needed Please

  • Image Heavy Site Design Guidance Needed Please
  •  Hi everyone ... 

     This is my fourth day into Sitefinity.  I have watched the two Pluralsight videos and read a bunch of documentation.  I know I need to review still ... and there is a whole lot more to learn.  I have looked at the MVC Feather samples too.

    Below is a snapshot of a site I need to develop and I could really use some advice on how to approach this.  The customers want to use Sitefinity because they want to swap out images, image buttons, rotator images, navigation button images, etc.  


    What I know so far is that I will need to develop the pages, layouts and widgets for them up front, and then they can simply drop these onto a page and setup the images, buttons and text.


    Essentially I need four images stacked vertically on the left to be navigation buttons to various pages.

    The Home page you see has a series of images stacked vertically.  The first image has some text positioned over it "Know, Show, Prove".  There are two images in the top right ... share and contact ... when you hover over them, they will fadein/fadeout share buttons(facebook, linkedin) and contact details respectively.


    I know this is asking a lot ... so thanks in advance ... and have fun coding!










  • Hi David,

    I ma happy to hear that you are excited about Sitefinity.

    I am afraid I am not able to see the screenshot demonstrating the result you would like to achieve. You may have missed to attach it.

    I can suggest some documentation articles you can go through that may help you to create your page templates and pages based on this page templates.

    If you have content that will be present on all the page in your website, you may place this content in a page template. You can easily create a page template from the Sitefinity backend under Design -> Page Templates. There are some predefined page templates which come out of the box with Sitefinity. You can use these built-in page templates, but you can also create and design your own page templates. Here are some articles and videos which may help you to create your page templates and add widgets:

    1. Page Templates
    2. Create a template using the Layout editor
    3. Add widgets on pages and templates
    4. Introduction to Sitefinity Design (Video)
    5. Creating Page Templates in Sitefinity CMS (Video)
    6. Creating a Sitefinity Page Template (Video)

    After you create the page template, you can go to create your pages. When you create a Sitefinity page, Sitefinity will ask you which template to use for this page.You can choose among page templates which come out of the box with your Sitefinity project, as well as among your custom templates you have created. Here are also some useful resources for creating pages in Sitefinity:

    1. Create pages Overview
    2. Create a page

    You can drag and drop the widgets on your Sitefinity pages or page templates in order to display content on your website. Here the link to our documentation about the built-in widgets you can use.

    Since you have mentioned that you will have images on your Sitefinity website, you can use the Image gallery widget to display a gallery of images where you will be able to open each image individually as well. In this article you can find more details about the widget and its settings.

    You can also use the Image widget, in order to display a single image on your page or page template.

    I hope that you will find the above resources useful.

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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  • Sorry about the image not being there ... here is a mock up of the web site though ...

     Thanks ...