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Additional URLs for News Items Not Working

  • Additional URLs for News Items Not Working
  • I'm new to Sitefinity. I may be missing something, but I've searched the forums, etc. and haven't found an solution to my problem. The Additional URLs I've set up for News Items are giving me a 404 error instead of pointing the the correct page. This is only happening with the items I create in the News widget. If I set Additional URLs for a regular page it works correctly. Is there a check box somewhere or setting that I need to change. I'm formatting the Additional URLs the same way for the News items as I am for the Pages. ex. ~/news/2014_24.apsx


  • I am experiencing this very issue. I am running version 8.0.5710.0. Have you heard anything further on a resolution for this problem?
  • The developer that I work with sorted it out. We already had an alternate URL on the main News page of ~/news. It looks like when I tried to use the path that included "~/news" it was breaking it. It turns out that we only needed to put in /2014_24.aspx (without the ~).

  • Thank you for your reply Matthew.

    I have tried with and without the tilde, I am absolutely certain there is no conflict with the URL existing for another page and I've tried checking the box to redirect to the default URL for the content item. Nothing works.

    The additional URLs property works fine for pages, but not for News content items (perhaps other content items too, but I've only tested the News item).

    I have tested across multiple sites and multiple versions of Sitefinity - including the latest version. This appears to be a genuine bug that has yet to be fixed.
  • Our issues may be caused by different things. This is just speculation but I think the cause of our issue was that the page that had the news list had an alternate URL of ~/news and the single item settings for the news list on that page used an autogenerated page based on that  main news page, so it assumed those properties, including the alternate URL of  ~news. So, when I tried using ~news/2014_24.aspx as an alternate URL on an individual news item there was a conflict. The solution was removing the ~/news from the Alternate URL path in the individual news items because that part of the path was already included in the page properties.

     Does your main news page have an alternate URL and is part of that URL replicated in the individual news item's alternate URL?

  • No, the main news page has no alternate URLs at all - the checkbox for additional URLs is not checked.
  • I would just like to say that this was a big help. Just pasting the path after the containing levels allowed this to work.