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  • When creating a multisite we will share one of the existing site which creates another site with same content and templates. Here if the user changes some thing in the template and publish it, then everything will be changed in all the site because everything is shared among the sites but i don't want that. I have to change only one template in one of the site and second site shouldn't be changed. How can i achieve this.    
  • Hi Ranjith,

    If the widget templates are shared between the sites, any changes that you make to the template will be visible on every site where the widget template is shared.

    If you would like to have different templates fro the different sites, please copy the markup of the widget template and then please create a new template under Design -> Widget Templates in the specified site using the markup you have copied. Please also note to properly select the widget you would like to apply the template to by selecting it from the This template is applied to... dropdown list.

    Please refer to the following documentation article for more details on creating new widget templates.

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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