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Password Protect a Single Page?

  • Password Protect a Single Page?
  • How can I do this please?   I am using version 8.0.5710.0    

    I have a few pages that I want to restrict, so that when someone from the public happens to comes across that page, they are blocked unless they know the password I gave them.  I've seen this same question in other Sitefinity forums, but no answer:

     Thanks for any help.

  • See

    There is a section called Grant permissions for a single page


    There is also a tutorial 


  • Tom,

     There is no out of the box way to protect a page with a password in Sitefinity, but a customization could be developed to do what you are asking.

    The other option is to have the user create an account in Sitefinity and then add that user to a role that would allow them access just to that web page.  The page would be configured to only allow people in that role to view the page.

    Hopefully this makes sense.  

  • Thanks, Craig.   I've added a couple of new test users today and will play around with that.


  • Thanks,  CH.   That seemed to work, but not ideal.  It seems like a lot of these permissions are set up for people on the website staff to manage who can edit a page, who can delete a page, etc.   I didn't think it would be so complicated for Sitefinity to have a checkbox that says "password protect this page?"   Click it, enter a password, and all set.

    I followed the link CH sent, and now when I'm not logged in and go to the page, it gives me a 401 Unauthorized permission error, which means the page is protected.  That part is good.    But I would love to have a sign in ​box right there on that page that says you must enter your credentials to see this page.


  • See step 8 of tutorial.