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  • I am new to SF (having built MVC apps in the past). I am wondering if my slow SF  development speed is typical. I am working with a Feather MVC project and SF 8.0. My time from start to page view is ~ 75 seconds. I feel like that is too long to be productive. I have disabled unused modules and I am rendering temp files to RamDisk (although I already have an i7 processor with an SSD disk).

    How are people building SF solutions that don't involve long compile/start times?  There are so many options for customizing SF I might be taking the wrong approach.

  • For example. If you place your 'Feather' views in the MVC/Views/Shared folder you can update them and view the changes without re-compiling. This saves a lot of time vs a full restart of the app for a minor html change. 
  •'s pretty brutal to be productive you are right, you just have to live with it :/

    Precompilation tool doesn't work for MVC (although it speeds up the backend quite a bit)

    Feather has been a lifesaver with the ability to just quickly change a view to see changes...

  • Thanks for your response. Yes I think I'll have to live with feather and it's views (at least) hosted in the main project. 
  • Couple other tips...

    1) Run the site in IIS not localhost

    2) In your task manager\details find the w3wp process, right-click, set it to high priority

  • Thanks that brought my startup time to just under a minute.