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Link to a detail screen

  • Link to a detail screen
  • Hello, I am looking for some help. I need to override some of the built in widgets but want to still use the detail edit pages (don't want to reinvent the wheel if I do not have to). Hopefully there is a way to do this:

    If you look at the productscreen.png you will see the products backend screen. When a user clicks on any title (hyperlink) it opens a detail page shown in detailscreen.png.

    I would like to make my own product widget that will list all products and when a product is clicked it shows the screen in detailscreen.png so I do not have to remake the detailscreen. Is there any url, or anyway to link to the detail pages without having to remake them?

    *Make custom backend product screen widget.
    *User clicks on link
    *User sees the detail screen for that product (detailscreen.png)

    Is there any easy way pull up this screen by hitting a url, a service etc?


    Thank you for any help.