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Converting / creating pages to conform to AMP standards - Accelerated Mobile Page

  • Converting / creating pages to conform to AMP standards - Accelerated Mobile Page
  • I was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about AMP and how to implement those pages within Sitefinity:  Sounds like sites that don't conform will be serious losers within Google search:  See excerpt:

    "So one, build AMP pages and make sure you're doing it well, and the second bit is working out how to streamline building pages. If you're on a sort of CMS or anything like that, then obviously you want this to be an integral part of your process moving forward. You want AMP pages to be something that all pages or as many pages as possible have an AMP version of those pages. So there's already — for the most popular CMSs, things like WordPress already have plugins available — that you can go away, you can download that plugin, and basically for a lot of the pages it will do a lot of the work for you in creating those AMP pages." 


    And a link to the full article:

  • I am currently evaluating CMS options for a client and would too be interested in learning more about what is in store for sitefinity and AMP pages.

  • I was also looking into this and was looking at ways to make some amp pages work with Sitefinity.  Has anyone tried it yet?  Had any luck with it or know if Sitefinity is looking to add it?
  • I suspect this is a low priority for Telerik.
  • Reiterating what has already been said, It would be interesting to hear from Telerik on AMP and future plans if any
  • I am also interested.
  • Hi guys,

    Thank you for bringing this up. 

    We've had a nice discussion a while ago, in the SitefinityDevs group on Google+. I encourage you to check it out!

    We have to support AMP sooner than later. The project is shaping up nicely, but there's also a caveat - if your web site is mobile friendly and does not implement AMP, Google will penalize it by reducing its Page Rank score. I am not sure when this will become effective, but this the direction Google is taking.

    To be honest and transparent, we can't start with AMP implementation sooner than October, but it's on our radar for both reasons - mobile pages and SEO. By the way, most of the markup can be done with Feather templates even now, but there are some tricky parts with the content that we serve.

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  • any update on this? 
  • Hi, I started this topic a year ago.  Anything happen?
  • I'd also like an update on this.