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404 Error Document Link

  • 404 Error Document Link
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    I have a document created type , this includes a title and a HTML Text Box.

    If I select them a PDF is available in HTML Editor the following link:

    <a title="Programm" href="/docs/default-source/default-document-library/programm.pdf?sfvrsn=2" sfref="[documents|OpenAccessDataProvider]f50ac8ab-39b2-68cb-a7f4-ff0000c60c24">Programm</a><br />

    But if I look at the source code on the website following stands:

    <a href="[documents|OpenAccessDataProvider]f50ac8ab-39b2-68cb-a7f4-ff0000c60c24" title="Programm">Programm</a>

    When I click the link, I get a 404 error ?

    Greetings Andreas
    ps : Sorry for my terrible English.
  • Hello,

    This looks like a known issue that only happens with modules created with the module builder and that have a file linked to it using the Document Manager.
    With a standard news module for example, the issue doesn't occur.

    This behavior has been resolved in 9.0. To address the issue for Sitefintiy 8.2 please refer to this KB article;
    Dynamically resolving Sitefinity links when using HtmlField

    which explains a workaround that invloves creating a customized version of HtmlField and resolves the Id that is currently displayed to an url.

    Dimitri Cools
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  • I am not sure I would agree that this only happens with dynamic modules built in module builder.  We have a site that has been using the eCommerce module that previous to the upgrade to 9.1.6120.0 SE linked fine when adding document links to custom fields we added on product types of type LongText.


    Since this update to 9.1 we are seeing that initially when selecting links from the document link manager that it correctly puts a href value and then a sfref[guid] value for the anchor tag.  Next we publish the product and then immediately go back to edit and view the html to find out that the sfref has been stripped completely and the href value has been replaced with the sfref guid.


    What is interesting is that this does not happen with the built-in description field which is also of type LongText, but is with the custom fields.

  • I would like to add that this is also happening with image links and not solely documents.  I have already submitted a bug report on the feedback portal that is awaiting approval.
  • We are seeing the same issue with 9.1.6110
  • We're using Sitefinity 9.1 and I've encountered a similar situation when adding link to a document using the Document Manager via the radEditor in a custom module.

    Adding document link through the Sitefinity Editor (feather?) when amending Page content works as expected and generates the correct url to the document.

    Shall try the solution suggested and see if it helps :)