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Product filter widget without post-back

  • Product filter widget without post-back
  • The context is:

    - My page has 2 widgets: 1 products list widget, 1 product filter widget

    - If I don't want to have a fully page post back, also not use query string (keep the URL), is there any way to let my products list updated after I select a category in filter widget?

    Is there any way to send parameters between two widgets on the same page?


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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately the out-of-the-box widgets require a full postback to work and in order to have them more Ajax style you would need to develop your own version.

    Additionally you MAY be able to combine the product filter and the product list into the same template and wrap them in a AJAX update panel or something like that but it may require you to experiment:

    Seth Cleaver
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