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Get Widget List with API

  • Get Widget List with API
  • Hi,

       I need to get the list of custom widgets that I installed with API. How can I do?



  • Hi,

    Loop through all registered widgets and find those that are not installed from assembly with name Telerik.Sitefinity.* . To check this in the UI go to Administration->Settings->Advanced->Toolboxes->Toolboxes->PageControls->Sections.

    To query those refer to the API for working with this configuration section. Sample here.

    var config = ConfigManager.GetManager().GetSection<ToolboxesConfig>();
                var pageControlsSection = config.Toolboxes["PageControls"];
                var allSections = pageControlsSection.Sections;
                foreach (var section in allSections)
                    var builtInWidgets = section.Tools.Where<ToolboxItem>(t => t.ControlType.StartsWith("Telerik.Sitefinity"));

    Stanislav Velikov
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