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  • Our old site used VBscript to call on the database to feed in the information to a page.  I've uploaded our old .asp pages (yes, it's legacy not dotnet.) to a folder I created under the app_data folder.  I was going to  use a content block and  i-frame to bring the page in.  However, when I do that it looks all funky. When we were in the development stage, I could easily import the page using the iframes by pulling the page from the old site, but since we have switched the old and new sites(using same names) I am unsure how to pull the pages since the development site is not available to the public.   Is it possible to feed in the page in it's entirety using an i-frame?  If not, would I have to split out the CSS and all VBscript out from the html in the content block and put them in separate css/scripting widgets? I don't know VBscript, so recoding the files are not an option at the moment. These tables form a pretty big section of the website, so I'm trying to get it up and running asap on our live site.  Any suggestions?