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Need the Controller ID in MVC for a Custom Form Widget

  • Need the Controller ID in MVC for a Custom Form Widget
  • Hi,


    I am developing a custom form widget with a CRUD datasource.

    I was using url actions to communicate with the server side:


    and also:

        @Url.Action("Controller_Editing_", "ControllerName")

    Worked great until I put 2 of the same widgets on a page, so the second widget would hit the ActionResult in the first controller...


    So I have decided to try WebServices. I have implemented the wireframe for the webservice with hard coded data and it works.

    But in order to continue I need to know my specific controller ID  or FormControl ID so that I can send it along with the request to the WebService. I know each controller on a page or form has a Guid. But no API to access it.


    The Question: How do I find the Form Controller (MVC Widget) ID from the Controller

  • Thanks for the fast reply,


    Unfortunately this won't work for me because I cannot rely on the Caption or Title:

    var uControls = tempPage.Controls.Where(c => c.Caption =="WebUserControl1").FirstOrDefault();

    I may have two controllers with same caption and same types.



    I am trying to get the ID of the Controller while I am anywhere  inside the Controller itself. In a perfect world I would do this:

    Guid id =;  /* "this" is the instance of this Controller */


    So If I am in this controller how do I query for Maybe without using the PageManager to get the Form, then to look for this controller. I am here at this anyway I just need to query for the id. 

  • Hi Yuri. Can you please check this thread.

    In this thread described how to get widget ID

  • Can you take a look at this again in more detail?

    Or explain why it is not possible to get a controller ID from within the controller itself?