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Misleading Documentation - User Widgets and Javascript

  • Misleading Documentation - User Widgets and Javascript
  • In the Sitefinity CMS Documentation, on the "Create a new user widget" page, it states that for a custom user widget, you can "Implement the client-side functionality in the .js file".  docs.sitefinity.com/for-developers-create-a-new-user-widget

    In the next page, "Create a new user widget in Visual Studio", it says to create a new JavaScript File to contain the client-side functionality in the same folder that the Web User Control was created for the widget. The documentation then gives no other information on what needs to be done with that javascript file, whether it needs to follow certain naming conventions or needs to be registered somewhere. A reader could wrongly assume that nothing extra needs to be done or that they just need to add the Javascript in a <script> tag. docs.sitefinity.com/for-developers-create-a-new-user-widget-in-visual-studio


    Based on other sections of the documentation, i.e. here: docs.sitefinity.com/for-developers-add-javascript-resources , it gives the actual steps necessary to add JavaScript to a widget, page, or template. However, there is no connection or link between that page and the User Widget section of the documentation. To me, because the User Widget section does not contain that information or link to that page in order to inform the reader of other necessary steps that they may be missing, the documentation is both incomplete and misleading.

    Is there something I'm overlooking, and you can actually just add a random Javascript file in the User Widget's folder and it'll work? If not, then I feel the documentation needs to be updated. This is just one of many similar instances I've encountered while browsing the documentation for Sitefinity where it seems like important information is missing. I feel that the documentation is crying for a rewrite to fix missing information and replace outdated content in order to keep your customers from wasting their time.