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Customizing Product List Widget (eCommerce)

  • Customizing Product List Widget (eCommerce)
  • Hi,

    I have succesfuly create a custom Product List Widget (eCommerce) and all associated Products Catalog(Department, ProductType, Product and Attributes), and the ProductType containing my own custom fields.

    I have check in the Product List Widget(detail mode) containing the:
    <sf:ProductDynamicFields id="productDynamicFieldsControl" ProductItem='<%# Page.GetDataItem() %>' runat="server" />
    that renders all of my custom fields in ProductType.

    Firstly, My goal is to display only spesific field of my own custom field (not all), how to do that?

    Secondly, at runtime, when i clicked the Product List it will be going to detail of the product that i choosed,  the default is when I clicked Product List it will display the detail at same page.
    I need to display the detail view in the different page with the Product List, how to do this?

    Thanks before..