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  • Hi, I am new to Sitefinty and I have instructed the client to use paste form word option to clear the Inline styles , but even after that the inline styles are there (after publish) . so I had to instruct them to use "strip CSS style" and even "Strip all Styles" form the advance options . but this also is not clearing all the inline styles .. I am not sure if this is normal ! and if there is anything else that I could do to disable the Inline styles while copying from an existing resource , please advise,
  • Which editor are they using?   If it's the RadEditor, then you can set defaults and they dont need to worry about it.  If it's the new Feather MVC content editor, such functionality doesn't yet exist.



    Set: Rad Editor strip formatting options
    Value: MSWordRemoveAll, Css, Font, Span

    Set: Rad Editor's content filters
    Value: FixEnclosingP, ConvertFontToSpan, IndentHTMLContent

  • I found the Strip formatting options is already set to the provided value , I have changed the filter settings . I hope that this is will fix the issue .

    Thank you !