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MVC: Slow performance with Partials

  • MVC: Slow performance with Partials
  • I have noticed that using Html.Partial performs slowly in Sitefinity.

    I changed a dynamic icon I use frequently to a partial and use Html.Partial to render it. Doing this drastically slowed down the page's load time on my production server. Every partial rendered took an extra .3s to load. Since I had the icon on the page 42 times, it took about 13s for the page to load.

    The performance is so bad that I have to now think about every partial I use and whether an extra .3s load time is worth 1 use of the partial.

  • Nevermind, it looks like it's the content inside my partial that's causing the slowdown. As soon as I trimmed the content in the partial down to almost nothing, the performance slowdown practically disappeared.