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  • I'm just getting started on a web site project, and have only recently started using a laptop to step away from my desk now and then. It turns out Visual Studio will often not be able open my [remote] Solution. After testing this issue on various network setups both wired and wireless, I've determined that I don't have a problem with very fast connections (>150Mbps).

    But if I try to open a remote Solution over a 10Mbps connection, VS just freezes. Occasionally after 15 minutes or so it will open, but usually I just have to shut down the app and wire in via ethernet.

    Is this expected/normal? It seems odd to me that Thunder's Explorer will connect and access the database without issue, but when I try to open a Solution, everything locks up. Isn't the Solution basically just a collection of files? Is there something else going on that I don't know about, that would require a fast connection?