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Removing resources from WebResource.axd payload

  • Removing resources from WebResource.axd payload
  • Hi there.


    I have a Sitefinity 8 project which has been suffering from some pretty slow load times, and I'm finding that in almost every case, the bulk of the time is spent on a call out to WebResource.axd (between 4 and 6 seconds to load this file.)  My understanding is that Sitefinity grabs all of the referenced js files, and combines them into a single download which is served through this WebResource.axd handler.  In examining the response from the server on this call, I see jQuery, jQuery migrate, kendo ui, and other js libraries being included.


    My question is, how can I remove some of these libraries from being included/handled by this WebResource.axd handler, so that I can reference them independently from a CDN, or reference a specific customized (paired down) version of them?  I found a falafel blog post about how to remove these calls entirely, and that kind of worked, but it seems like a hack to me, because It feels dangerous to just remove all references to it entirely.  Plus the code as written also removed all inline js (any script tag without a src attribute) in addition to calls to WebResource.axd, which was not the desired behavior.


    I appreciate any input from the community on this one.  Has anybody else experienced slowness issues with this handler?