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File and Database Sync capabilities in sitefinity ?

  • File and Database Sync capabilities in sitefinity ?
  • Hi All,

    I am working with siefinity 9.1 and need to sync the files and database.As per my understanding site-sync only do the database sync and code-sync will do the sitefinity file sync by using thunder.Am i right?

    1.Is there any alternative way t o do the code-sync with out thunder, because sitefinity thunder crashing my visual studio 2013.

    2. Is there any way to sync the config files, because if we are creating any dynamic modules using module builder it creates lots of config file in App_Data---->Sitefinity--->Configuration folder.

    3.Suppose i am moving my configurations to database as mentioned in the sitefinity document here , does the configuration database tables get synced as part of site sync?





  • Hi Ajai,

    If you created some DynamicModules and then you want to sync it to another server.

    Sitefinity SiteSync module will be able to sync all necessary changes. 

    For example, if you add new dynamic module or field to dynamic module and you want to sync this changes.

    You just need to go Administration -> Site Synchronization.

    Then you need to choose necessary dynamic modules and click sync. 

    Sitefinity will handle it

  • Hi Victor,

    Thanks for you quick reply. Let me clarify my understanding based on reply.In both cases (File storage as well as Database storage of configuration) sitefinity sync all the configurations to the other server. Is that correct?





  • Filestorage or DB storage is doesnt matter. Sitefinity will not sync all configurations. It will just sync necessary metadata information about dynamic modules which you choose in site sync. And then, destination server will update all necessary configurations