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Form submission in Detail View.

  • Form submission in Detail View.
  • Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a little help. Now I'm having one page include two widgets:
    1. Blog widget (dynamic module) will show list of Blog items and blog item detail.
    2. Form widget (use built-in fields)

    In Blog Widget I configure 'Single Item' tab -> to 'Open single item' in 'Auto-generated page' option.

    In list page (~/blog), I can submit form #2 successfully, data entry is saved.
    But when I open a detail page (~/blog/[blog-item-url]), I try to submit form #2, nothing happen. page is reload then it show  content of 'list' page to instead of detail page. Data entry is not saved as well.

    I try to use same that form #2 into 4 different pages, it still work fine.

    Would you like to support me on this case ?

    p/s: I assume that issue is same with this one ''
    But I don't have any custom code, just configure into CMS directly.

    Thanks for your time first.
  • Hi Jarvis, 

    In sitefinity you can find two "Form" widget. One of them with MVC label in the icon, one without this label. 

    I am easily reproduced this problem with MVC form widget,

    But, i can't reproduce this problem with webforms form widget.

    As temporary solution, i can suggest you to use webform form widget, if it is possible in your case.


    Looks like a bug of MVC form widget. You need to contact with Progress support team and report this as a bug, because i am not Progress team.

  • Hi Victor,

    You are right, they are MVC form widget. I'm considering to do a custom widget, maybe I can control the submission. Will let you know if I have any news as well.