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  • Hi Sitefinity, 

    Our client's site theme utilizes the Bootstrap Framework (Feather).  When overriding many of the bootstrap CSS styles, we noticed that the Sitefinity back end UI also gets overwritten since it uses bootstrap as well.  

    For example: When making all our input text fields uppercase and changing the line height it also changes the all the Sitefinity widget setting input fields. 

    What would be the proper method for handling bootstrap CSS overrides without affecting the back end UI? 

    We are using the latest version of Sitefinity version 9.x

    Thank you,





  • When I run into an issue like this I normally will reset the offending property by utilizing a utility class Sitefinity adds into the page editor. ".sfPageEditor"


    Like so:

        position: fixed;
    .sfPageEditor .site-header
        position: relative;