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Unable to deactivate module

  • Unable to deactivate module
  • Hi,

    I started a new SF 9.2.6220 project with a trial licence for a professional edition. Then I updated the license file with a purchased lic for standard edition. Now if I go to Administration > Modules & Services, it shows me errors for the Ecommerce and Personalization modules since they are not included in the standard lic.

    "Activation / installation of some modules has failed. For more details check the failed modules bellow or see the application error log."

    How do I get rid of the errors? I have tried deactivating them but nothing happens.




  • You need to deactivate and then uninstall module. Go to Administration -> Modules & Services -> deactivate necessary module. Then open the same drop-down menu, after deactivation, you will be able to uninstall module
  • The uninstall option never appears. It always shows "Install", "Deactivate" and "Delete".