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MVC Widgets for backend admin only

  • MVC Widgets for backend admin only
  • Is it possible to create MVC based widgets but have them available to the back end only? I.e. I want to develop a simple widget that will extract data for reporting, but this shouldn't be available to content editors only administrators. 
  • Hi Jasques,

    In sitefinity u can show whole widget section for backend users only.

    When u creating widget, u need to specify SectionName. For example "CustomMVCBackend "

    Then compile and run solution. If u will go to page editor, u will be able to see this section.

    U need to  go to App_Data\Sitefinity\Configuration\ToolboxesConfig.config  and edit it.

    Find your section and add attribute  tags="backend"

    It should looks like that:

    <add title="CustomMVCBackend" name="CustomMVCBackend " tags="backend" >


    Then restart and go to page editor again. Section "CustomMVCBackend" will be not available for frontend pages, for backend pages only



  • Perfect! Thanks Victor