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Restore Deleted Users

  • Restore Deleted Users
  • While cleaning some old data within Sitefinity I ended up deleting few users as well. Since then the posts written by those users are showing up broken.  Is there a way to restore those deleted users?
  • No reply so far... Is it possible to assign a generic users to the posts that doesn't have any users or the associated users are deleted?
  • Unless you have the audit module working and can dig though that (assuming it logs those things) you're kinda SOL.

    Could probably just open the DB directly and change the authors id to some other generic user... OR just edit the template and remove the dynamic part where it's pulling the author in and hardcode it... OR you might be able to hook into the event and modify it through code in IDataEvent ...doesn't seem to be any direct EventHub stuff for blogs\posts, but it might showup in there if you look for it's type.