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  • Registration widget template
  • Hi,
    I am trying to add a dropdown on the registration widget template that shows data from a dynamic module. I already managed to add the dropdown with custom values like shown but i was wondering how can i make that dropdown get data from a dynamic module if it is possible directly inside the template.
    <sitefinity:ChoiceField ID="mySelect" DataFieldName="mySelect"  DisplayMode="Write" RenderChoicesAs="DropDown" DataItemType="" runat="server" CssClass="sfFormIn sfCheckListBox" Title='Credit cards allowed'>
                 <sitefinity:ChoiceItem Text="American Express" Value="americanexpress" />
                 <sitefinity:ChoiceItem Text="Discover" Value="discover" />
                 <sitefinity:ChoiceItem Text="Mastercard" Value="mastercard" />

    Thank you,